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The name of department Full name
position extension
Office works Ms. Mirabadi President`s office responsible 1611
Ms. Khoshkhoo Secretariat and e-Learning enrolment responsible 1623
Presentation office Ms. Mansoori
Office President 1619
Ms. Heydarnia
Training expert 1212
Ms. Naghikhani
Training expert 1217
Production office Ms. Riazi
Office President 1522
Ms. Najafi
Data analysis expert of e-Learning center 1520
Technology office Ms. Abasali
Office president 1422
Mr. Danehkar
Hardware expert 1419
Mr. Ahmadi Moghadam
Hardware expert 1417
Ms. Bahrami Ehsan
Software expert 1412
Software expert 1418
Software expert 1421
Software expert 1414
Software expert 1416
Financial office
Mr. Ebrahimi
President of financial department 1513