Content Production Department

Production department of UTEC commenced its activity with the aim of producing e-Learning materials, course content , relevant self - testing and….. First, produced courses were generally full- addressee general courses which were produced in the form of single course and for using in face to face courses of Tehran University.  Some lessons were produced to be offered in applied courses. But, with the beginning of e-courses , this department produced relevant lessons of these courses. General purposes of this department are defined in 4 categories here:

1-      To codify and produce the lessons of e-courses in university approved majors and in all levels

2-       To codify and produce necessary professional and applied e-courses for industry and society

3-      To codify and produce general and basic lessons along with extension and familiarity of all students with e-Leaning

4-      To apply the most suitable and latest gains of modern e-Learning in university.