Financial Department

Planning, controlling resources, financial and official activities and processes of the center for supporting the programs and purposes of e-Learning center in the field of codification of content, offering content and technical support of e-Learning services and doing personnel issues of staff for empowering their spirit and motivation

1-      Prediction and supplying necessary human resources based on relevant rules and regulations

2-      To execute the rules , regulations and all conditions relevant to employment , job classification and other submitted duties.

3-      To do essential tasks in the field of public supply services such as water, electricity, power, fuel, transportation, cleaning, janitorial, printing and publication, installment, telecommunication ,entrance and exit check of staff and visitors

4-      To issue personnel documents of staff based on submitted options

5-      To recognize the needs and provide welfare facilities, cooperation and hygiene of organization staff

6-      Prediction and estimation of staff needs in the field of instruments, necessities, maintenance and distributions in the framework of rules and regulations.

7-      To supervise the rules execution and financial regulations for providing domestic instructions to solve the existed problems

8-      To register and keep the accounts relevant to respective organization and providing essential reports in this field

9-      To register and keep the organization property account and supervision on executing the rules and financial regulations

10-  To do other tasks relevant to financial issues based on submitted options

11-  To offer applying essential reports of organization to the dean of university

12-  To do other tasks based on the command of superior