Offering E-Learning Services Department

Main duties of UTEC are holding applied, blended university and non- university e-courses offering relevant services are as following :  

1- To hold meetings and primary interactions with faculties and applicant centers for holding  e-courses in common with other departments of e-Learning centers

2- Inspection, study , feasibility study  and assessment of offering services of e-Learning coordinated with educational  rules and regulations , common standards , planning and their initial co-ordinations. 

3- Final adjustment and provision of contracts and cooperation agreements with faculties and other applicant centers.

4- To adjust the costs of offering and selling the services of e-Learning

5- Coordination and interaction with other departments of the center , educational assistants of faculties and responsible staff of e-Learning courses in faculties for management support, information and holding courses on time and without problem in weekly schedules.

6- To hold seminars and educational workshops for the professors and students of e-Learning courses.

7- Management, supervision and controlling the administration of activities in field of e-Leanings in faculties such as enrollment, selecting credit hours, class schedules and information in all faculties.

8- To support the users such as instructor, assistant, students of e-learning courses at the time of holding classes by LMS for enrollment, entrance, exit from the class and also solving probable and relevant problems with LMS in the perimeter of duties and capabilities of center.

9- Supervision on the tests of e-Learning courses and assessment of teaching quality of professors continuously during the term.

1- To adjust and provide the e-Learning regulations and supervision on doing them

11- The management of holding applied – blended courses

12- To adjust and provide periodic reports of the process of offering and holding courses from the beginning of the term up to the end and quality of professor `s teaching to the competent references of center and university.

13-To do survey among students to test the students satisfaction from the services of center in the fields of production, offering , information technology and………….

14-To do research and survey in the field of new methods of offering the content.