Educational Courses

Currently, collegiate courses consist of 20 majors in the field of electronics in level of master degree ( management, accounting, entrepreneurship , philosophy , law and physical education ) and 3 majors in the level of bachelor ( management and accounting ) will be held totally electronically and by using information and communication  technology tools .





Master degree


Bachelor degree



Management college

Commercial management, administrative management , financial management,  civil management, MBA management, media management, accounting


Commercial management, financial management






Entrepreneurship management


Entrepreneurship in the field of job and occupation, Entrepreneurship-organizational

Entrepreneurship, public department

Entrepreneurship, technology

Entrepreneurship, training and developing Entrepreneurship




Qom Pardis


Commercial management, administrative management , governmental management ,

Private law, criminal law,

west philosophy




Physical education and sport science



Physical education and sport science, field of sport management,

Physical education and sport science, field of retraining exercises and Sport pathology


پورتال سازمانی , پرتال سازمانی