Partner Faculties

Partner Faculties


1-Faculty Of Management
This faculty is involved with training and educating professional individuals in majors such as commercial management, industrial management, governmental management , insurance management , urban management , media management and accounting in the level of bachelor, master and management PHD to do its duty which is making effort to train precious and committed specialists for the country. Faculty Of Management began its activity and cooperation with UTEC in the field of e-Learning and in two levels of bachelor and master since February 2007.

2- Faculty of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Faculty of Tehran University is only the first Entrepreneurship Faculty in Iran. Entrepreneurship Faculty of Tehran University as a national center of native knowledge development of entrepreneurship has a significant role in production and expansion of knowledge and entrepreneur skills. This faculty has begun its activity in the field of e-Learning and in master level with UTEC since February 2007.


3-Qom College

Qom College began its activity and cooperation with UTEC in the field of e-Learning and in the level of master since February 2008.

“Qom province” is one of the central provinces of Iran. Its provincial center is the city of Qom. It was formed in 1996. Qom is situated in a barren and desert land but because of its religious position, it’s one of the most immigrant-attraction cities in Iran. It’s one of the few cities that the majority of its inhabitants have always been Shiite. Apart from the study into the root of the city’s name, the following titles have been known about it: “the city of science and ejtehad”, “Darol Mo’menin(the Believers House), “Darol Elm(the Science House), “Darol Movahhedin(the Monotheists House), “the nest for the descendants of Muhammad”, “the city of rise and blood”, “Madinatol Mo’menin(the Believers City) and so on.

It dates back to the pre-Islamic history; but many historians consider the city’s formation the first century of Hejrat (A.H). The city was conquered by the Islamic army in 23 A.H. Qom has been grown its prosperity since Asharis’ entry in 94 A.H. Hazrat Masoumeh’s shrine has been a safe place for the Shiite and a school for the scholars and the religious science thinkers since her entry into Qom and her martyr-like death. The highest position of teaching the sciences of Ahl Al-bayt has been formed in Qom since Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Abdol Karim Haeri’s entry into Qom and the establishment and prosperity of Hozeh Elmieh in it. Now in addition to the enjoyment of the spiritual blessings of the shrine, Jamkaran Holy Mosque and the best religious Hozeh Elmieh of Shiite, the city is composed of four hundred shrines of the Imams’ descendants, tens mosques and historical buildings, more than five-hundred cultural works and over twenty-five universities and academies.

Qom is located at a distance of 140 kilometers from Tehran. It has 5 divisions, 10 districts and 363 villages. “Qom Campus of Tehran University” is the oldest center of Higher Education in Qom. At the present time, it’s as a connective bridge between University and Hozeh and responsible for creating the unity between the two spiritual-scientific areas. It’s noteworthy that the fortieth year of establishing Qom Campus has been celebrated during a series of programs that performed on February 2010.


4-Faculty of Physical education and Sport science

Faculty of Physical education and Sport science is one of Faculties of University of Tehran.At the beginning, course of physical education was established at faculty of social science and psychology of university of Tehran under the Department of Physical Education in 1966. In 1968 & 1969, during two periods of time, students applied, 35 male and 15 female, and they were acquired. After nearly 13 years, this department decided to apply students in B.C and M.C again from 1981 to 1988. In 1367, the member of academic board of social science faculty mixed together. Then, faculty of physical education and sport sciences of university of Tehran was founded by members of academic board and experts of physical education affairs.

Three departments joined to the faculty:

1- Department of health and sports medicine

2- Department fundamental of biological sciences

3- Department of fundamental of human sciences

The startup, the members was chosen by profession and interesting. Offering programs at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels. Students of the Faculty work hard to pass not only theoretical and laboratory credits but also credits earned on the field.There are three courses in doctoral degree and students can earn Ph.D. This faculty began its activity and cooperation with UTEC in the field of e-Learning and in the level of bachelor since February 2010.

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