Holding Blended Courses


Today, using modern technologies and adding their advantages to traditional methods of education are increasing. In this field, University of Tehran , as a symbol of Higher Education in country has been the pioneer since 2005 and UTEC , with the aim of using information and communication technology in the field of education and improving its efficiency and effectiveness in face to face courses of Tehran University , offers free services entitled to Blended Learning programs for the benefits of professors and students of these courses from information and communication technology.

The most important services of Blended e-Learning are as following :

·         To share the course material , e-book ( e-content ) between student and professor

·         To exchange the assignments , homework, course reports and thesis by e-Learning system

·         To hold on-line midterm exams

·         To use forums of exchanging information and discussions between student and professor

·         On-line speaking between student and professor

·         To transfer the materials between professor and student without e-mail

·         To extend the applied culture of ICT among the students and professors of Tehran University

·         To omit unnecessary commuting in the process of education

·         Using management and controlling tools in the process of education

·         To omit the time and place limitation for student – professor interaction




پورتال سازمانی , پرتال سازمانی