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Exchanging e-Learning experiences with the University of Limerick, Ireland

Along with expanding the services and exchanging international experiences , a cooperation agreement was signed between UTEC and Research Center of the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Launch of Blended Learning Services

Today, using modern technologies and adding their advantages to traditional methods of education are increasing. In this field, University of Tehran

Holding “6th National and 3rd International conference of e-Learning and e-Teaching(ICELET2012)”

Following continuity of holding the annual national and international e-Learning and e-Teaching conference, University of Tehran was in charge of hosting this round of conferences in 2012 with the centrality of e-Learning center .This hierarchy of conferences with the aim of developing the culture...


Holding Short-term Courses specifically for the institutes and organizations

UTEC is going to hold increasing vocational skills courses and short –term programs with the aim of ICT application culture development as well as state and private organization, educational and non-educational institutes which benefit from ICT . The possibility of holding such courses is...

Holding Thesis defense session via video conferencing

For the first time, the defense session of master thesis of Tehran University with the title of “ applying the approach of closed chain supply “

پورتال سازمانی , پرتال سازمانی